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Connect with Ileana:

Helping busy professionals to achieve radiant health, happy love relationships and spiritual transformation so they can enjoy all aspects of life without sacrificing career goals.

Using simple methods rooted in ancient wisdom, everything we encounter in life can be used as a foundation for amazing personal growth. Holistic Alchemy refers to this powerful transformation that helps us expand and grow as human beings. Love, enthusiasm, strength, wisdom and equanimity can be our constant daily experiences!

By applying the methods presented in my trainings you can achieve:

Radiant health and an ideal body shape

Significant stress reduction and a relaxed approach to life

Mental focus and serenity

Joyful and fulfilling love relationships

Spiritual growth and understanding of the fundamental truths that create the foundation of all authentic religions and spiritual systems

The ability to discover extraordinary meanings within what seemed before to be ordinary and dull

Emotional stability and a constant optimistic attitude

Increased creativity, originality and self confidence

Improved performance and efficiency in everything you do

Ileana Stefanescu is an internationally certified Yoga and Tantra teacher, and a Holistic Health Counselor. She has an MS degree in Electronics, being interested in combining modern science with ancient spiritual knowledge. Ileana has taught yoga and Tantra for over 20 years, both in US and Europe. Her students range from Ph.D.’s and high level executives to students, couples, single moms and even yoga instructors.

A message from Ileana:

I love my work immensely, as nothing makes me happier than helping others to discover the power, love and happiness that lie within themselves. Yoga, Tantra and Meditation are royal paths to this amazing discovery!

If you would like to get a better sense of who I am, and how I might be of service to you, please e-mail me or stop by one of my classes. Your first attendance will always be free of charge. As part of my classes, I also find time for private discussions and consultation with all of my students.

I am very grateful to have met Ileana at a Tantra Yoga Workshop she organized in Portland, Maine in 2005. She manifests a rare gentleness and her powerful teachings inspire never-ending enthusiasm, courage and a genuine thirst for truth and self-improvement. Ever since 2005 we have stayed in touch as best friends. She encouraged me to start teaching yoga, and to further my career as a medical doctor by exploring ancient therapy systems. Her presence feels like a magic fountain of beauty, purity and knowledge. She is constantly teaching me through her life example how to live happy and reach my goals while striving to help and inspire those around me.Eliane Jensen, Denmark – Medical Doctor, Yoga Teacher
I contacted Ileana via her website approximately year and a half ago. I was suspicious at first, so in spite of the information and pictures on her site, I expected her to look like Attila the Hun in yoga tights. She didn’t! She is what she says she is, and she truly believes and practices what she teaches. She teaches yoga in the traditional sense, as a spiritual practice. The depth of the information and techniques are boundless, as is her knowledge of the subject matter. She has changed my view of life and what is important. She is kind and giving. In a world that thrives on stress and negativity she has given me many answers which I have been looking for. I plan on being a student for a long long time. Kevin Mckinley, Las Vegas, NV – Business Owner
My health since meeting Ileana has completely changed. I was basically caught up in a fast food diet when she started guiding me. Not only did she assist me in managing a fresh, healthy, and delicious diet, but also gave me the tools and support I needed to change my lifestyle into a much cleaner one. My gratitude for her will always be endless.Shanda Sheppard, Ojai, CA – Bartender
I have met Ileana in 1992 in Romania, when she started teaching yoga in my hometown. Even though she is much younger than me, she helped me understand essential spiritual truths that shaped my whole life afterwards. Her way of teaching made yoga seem so fascinating and practical in the same time. She has been by my side anytime I needed support for myself or my son (I am a single mom). I particularly remember a day when she used energy healing to help my son that was ill with a very severe ear infection. Even though the doctors were sure that he will remain affected for life, after her visit he recovered very quick, and no side effects of his ailment ever appeared. She motivated the yoga students in my town to build our own yoga center. We had no money for such a project when we started, but her unshakable optimism and enthusiasm encouraged us to persevere. Now we own an ultra modern building with five yoga studios, two Ayurvedic centers and ten guest rooms. Silvia Simbotelecan, Romania – School Teacher
I have struggled with weight gain and high blood pressure my whole life. Even though I have been a vegetarian for more than 20 years, my weight kept increasing as I grew older. Lately I started to feel old and weak. Ileana tried to advice me about my food, but hey, she is my daughter! Fathers don’t take advice from kids… so it took me a while until I decided to give it a try and do what she says. She came up with a plan that did not reduce the quantity of food I was allowed to eat (I am a gourmand, I love eating!), but changed the quality of it. She also taught me about new and delicious superfoods that would give my body the nutrients it needed, and how to prepare them. She helped me overcome my resistance to her advice by asking me to try it for only 1 month, and then drop it if I did not like it. I decided to do it, and to my amazement, in less than a month my friends started to ask me what I am doing that makes me look so much younger. Long story short, I lost almost 40 lbs in four months and I look 15 years younger! I reached a weight that I did not have in the past 25 years, and I have been maintaining it with no effort. I feel full of energy and I am excited about life again. Most of my friends (many of them retired) are on Ileana’s food plan now.Ion Stefanescu, Ph.D. – Ileana’s Father

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