Group Meditation in a Yang Spiral Formation

The yang-spiral meditations are a world-premiere initiative of the Romanian School of Yoga MISA. This initiative is consistent with the worldwide efforts of raising the consciousness of Planet Earth and helping humankind enter into a superior stage of evolution. This group meditation helps participants experience the state of Cosmic Consciousness, giving them access to the universal dimension of their spirit.

The Yin-Yang Concept

In the Oriental philosophy and also in the modern scientific paradigm, the manifestation of the Universe always contains a double aspect: light and darkness, sky and earth, positive (+) and negative (-), solar (of the Sun) and lunar (of the Moon). In the Eastern thinking, the solar, positive, male aspect is called Yang, and the lunar, negative, female aspect is called Yin.

These two concepts are in fact the expression of the Universal complementarity and dualism. The clearest example of this duality is the electric current: in order to have electricity we need a positive pole and a negative pole. Only together they can produce electrical power. None of them is better or worse than the other. The same thing stands true for the yin-yang concept. Yin and yang cannot be separate: their mysterious rhythm is the force that creates the very life of the entire Universe.

The ancient symbol that suggests the game of the two polarities is:[image_frame style="framed_shadow" align="right" height="296" width="300"]http://www.holistic-alchemy.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/ying-yang-spiral.jpg[/image_frame]

From a general point of view, the meanings of this symbol are:

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  1. Everything that exists in the Universe is polarized, i.e., formed of yang-solar (+) and yin-lunar (-).
  2. The presence of these complementarily opposed counterparts creates a tension. From this tension, Life is born. For maintaining the tension (therefore, life), one of the poles must predominate. This predominance leads to movement, change, transformation.
  3. The two poles of the manifestation are contained in an immense circle that keeps them together. This symbolizes the existence of a Transcendental Principle that controls everything from a higher level. Only in this way Creation is possible. If the Transcendent Principle wouldn’t compel the two poles to stay together, they would return into Unity, Invisibility, Non-manifestation.
  4. Each polarity contains, in seed, its opposite, which means that everything is relative. Everything, in some deep, mysterious way, contains its opposite force. Every moment of life includes, somehow, qualities opposed to those apparently implied. The original androgyny (having male and female characteristics in one) of the human being is a well-known fact. By virtue of this, the balance between male (+) and female (-) hormones, condition sine-qua-non of life, is possible in all humans irrespective of sex. Man is predominantly Solar; his seed (the semen) is Lunar (-). Woman is predominantly Lunar (-); her seed (the ova) is Solar (+).


The state of power appears when the two poles are very close to a perfect balance. A strong lack of balance between them results in weakness, suffering, illness, lack of self-control and lack of power.

Another important aspect is that yang is centripetal (it proceeds toward a center or axis) and moves in energy vortexes that turn counterclockwise, while yin is centrifugal (it proceeds away from a center or axis) and moves in energy vortexes that turn clockwise. Yang is the principle of order, structure, and decrease of entropy. Yin is the principle of chaos, lack of structure, increase of entropy.

The Yang Spiral

The yang-spiral expresses the luminous, solar, dynamic and optimistic energy. When moving along the arm of this spiral in a counterclockwise sense, it is just natural to reach the center, which represents the Source of Creation from which everything that exists started and to which it will return. The yang-spiral thus represents the circular centripetal movement of returning to the Center.

The yang-spiral is related to the movement of spiritual evolution leading to liberation from the cycle of reincarnations, while the yin-spiral is related to the movement of involution and chaining to the reincarnation wheel, since it gets further away from the Center.

The spiral is often seen in nature: the snail shell is a well-known example. The symbolism of the spiral is scientifically funded by the mathematical theory of the logarithmic spiral and of the Golden Number, or Fibonacci series. This Golden Number was discovered by the Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci (c. 1170 – c. 1240), also called Leonardo of Pisa.

Fibonacci numbers have many interesting properties and are widely used in mathematics. Natural patterns, such as the spiral growth of leaves on some trees, often exhibit the Fibonacci series. A consequence of this are the fractal structures and the discovery of fractal geometry.

The Effects of a Yang Spiral Meditation

In this meditation the participants (paired up man-woman) are holding hands and are arranged according to the succession of the 12 astrological signs of the zodiac. As a result of this arrangement, complex phenomena of resonance take place both with the beneficent influx of the yang energy and with the beneficial aspects of each of the 12 zodiac signs and of the subtle influx of their respective ruling planets. As a result, the subtle aura of each participant is charged with beneficial energy that balances and helps healing at a very deep level, accelerating in the same time the spiritual evolution of consciousness.

Directly proportional with the size (area) of the spiral and the number of participants, each person can thus have the direct experience of an intense state of bliss. Each person represents then a miniature replica of the Perfected Cosmic Human Being. During this yang-spiral, each participant (no matter his or her astrological sign) can experience the beneficial aspects of all the 12 zodiacal signs.

Archetypal Influences of Astrological Signs

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  • Aries channels the primordial impulse and endless enthusiasm;
  • Taurus channels the sustained creative effort;
  • Gemini channels the mysterious polarity of creation;
  • Cancer channels the state of passivity and attachment;
  • Leo channels the energy of life and love in its most expansive form;
  • Virgo channels the power of discernment and intuition;
  • Libra channels the power of sociability and the just middle way (through which contraries are harmonized);
  • Scorpio channels the mysteries of disintegration of matter and profound spiritual transformation;
  • Sagittarius channels the duality between instincts and superior spiritual aspirations and the finding of the way toward the source of creation;
  • Capricorn channels the process of transcendence;
  • Aquarius channels the superior spiritual states of consciousness;
  • Pisces channels the power to explore the inner world and to reach the state of spiritual liberation;


The 12 Signs and the 4 Subtle Elements

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  • Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn natives channel the subtle energies of the earth element.
  • Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces natives channel the subtle energies of the water element.
  • Aries, Leo and Sagittarius natives channel the subtle energies of the fire element.
  • Gemini, Libra and Aquarius natives channel the subtle energies of the air element.


The Subtle Energies of the Planets (channeled by people born under certain signs)

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  • Venus gradually develops a state of generosity;
  • Jupiter gradually develops a state of patience;
  • Saturn gradually develops discipline;
  • Mars gradually develops the power to take proper action;
  • Moon gradually develops the power to meditate;
  • Sun gradually develops the state of wisdom;
  • Mercury gradually develops the power to justly use the right means to accomplish what we want;
  • Uranus gradually develops a state of harmony that will help the reaching to the spiritual goal;
  • Pluto gradually develops paranormal powers;
  • Neptune gradually makes possible the highest spiritual awakening that makes possible the conscious re-integration into the Cosmic Consciousness.


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