Class Schedule

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Various courses, seminars and conferences are available at different times.

The main classes I teach (Yoga, Tantra and Meditation) involve a progressive approach and they contain both theory and practical elements. I teach a new technique every week and I also provide extensive hand-outs for each class. After the first 15-20 lessons I do not allow walk-ins in these classes anymore, as it would be difficult to catch up with all the information presented in previous courses. This policy also ensures that all students are well prepared to approach the new techniques in a safely manner.[image_frame style="framed_shadow" align="right" title="Holistic Alchemy Classes" height="225" width="300"]×225.jpg[/image_frame]
I usually start new beginner classes twice a year. It is ideal to attend such a class from its beginning; however if that is not an option and you want to join later in the first 3-4 moths you are welcome as well. After this period no new students allowed and you can register for the next beginner series.

You will receive a diploma after completing each module of the courses.

Seminars and conferences are most of the time open to everyone, unless it is stated otherwise in their description on my Meetup Group.

Please register on my Meetup Group in order to receive information on the new classes and up-to-date schedules of all events.

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Students are increasingly heterogeneous and have multiple identities which in turn create a multiplicity of learning needs

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