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My Life Philosophy

I grew up in communist Romania. My entire education as a child and teenager was focused on mathematics, physics and sports. My mother is a mathematician, and my father is a Ph.D. coordinator in nuclear research. They were both atheists. Religion and philosophy were non-existent in our lives. Back then, Romania was the only country on this planet that declared yoga practice illegal, so simply owning yoga books could have you put in jail.

I discovered yoga in 1990, right after the fall of the communist regime in Romania, and started to practice under the guidance of an extraordinary man (my yoga teacher, Grieg). He created what is nowadays the largest yoga school in Europe, with branches all over the world.

I soon started to realize that, when practiced correctly and with perseverance, yoga can impact every area of life. The certitude about God’s presence in everything grew up in me naturally, aside from any dogma or blind belief. I became aware of my energetic bodies and learned how to control my mind a fair degree through meditation. My intelligence and memory became sharper, my charisma increased and I could connect easily with people of all social endeavors. My health improved tremendously, together with my self esteem. I soon turned from a shy teenager with a mind full of prejudices and misunderstandings into a confident and outspoken young woman open to experience all life aspects with curiosity and joy.
Even though during my University years I have used all my weekends and free time for teaching and practicing yoga, I graduated the most prestigious technical university in Romania with very much ease, due to the immense help of yoga practice.

I learned from my parents the values of honesty, common sense and respect towards other people’s lives and beliefs. Yoga added a sense of deep gratitude towards the many gifts and mystery of life itself. The longing towards discovering the source of all things and the meaning of my life guides nowadays everything I do. I use my knowledge and energy in supporting other people in their own quest towards revealing and amplifying their full potential in all aspects of life.

I see life as a divine school of initiation, where every event is a lesson meant to expand our understanding, love and compassion. I believe that everything happens for a reason and I take responsibility for everything that comes my way. I have realized soon in life that blaming others (or the social system, economics, etc) for my own pain is not only useless, but prevents me from evolving as a human being.

My motto:

[pullquote4 quotes="false" align="center" cite="Constantin Brancusi, Romanian sculptor"]“In life we are meant to create like a God, to command like a king, to work like a slave, to love like an angel, to sleep like a child and to die standing like a tree.”[/pullquote4]

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