Online Courses

The online courses (yoga, tantra, meditation, women’s classes and occasional seminars) are designed for those who, for various reasons (living in a different city, travels, and time unavailability) lack the ability to attend the regular classes.[image_frame style="framed_shadow" align="right" height="168" width="300"][/image_frame]

The online classes follow the same curriculum as the regular (on-site) courses. Students can interchange between on-site and on-line classes*. The online courses use live teachings that make it convenient for you to maintain your yoga practice, in almost any situation. The hand-outs specific for the course will be mailed to you on a monthly basis.

[fancy_link link="" target="blank"]Check the schedule of my online classes here[/fancy_link]

*This is subject to availability of online/on-site courses.

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