Teacher Training

The Origins of My Teachings

The curriculum of the courses I teach originates from MISA Romania, the yoga school where I have been studying yoga since 1990. Along the years MISA grew up to be the largest yoga school in Europe and turned into a genuine academy of spiritual sciences. The range of classes being taught encompasses a wide variety of subjects, like: Yoga, Tantra, Meditation, Ayurveda, Enneagram, Astrology, Kashmir Shivaism, Tantric Alchemy, and so on.

Nowadays instructors educated at MISA have started similar courses in many locations around the world. All our classes follow the same curriculum and share the same hand-outs. Our school has several instructors in US – [fancy_link link="http://www.usyoga.net/" target="blank"]check their locations here[/fancy_link]


All teachers that complete our teacher training course are certified as Yoga/Tantra Teachers by Atman – The International Federation of Yoga and Meditation. The teachers will also receive a Yoga Alliance Certification at the level of 500 hours, RYT-500. RYT stands for Registered Yoga Teacher. The certification from ATMAN will allow you to teach yoga anywhere in the world where we have courses.


The teacher training in our school is free of charge. Education materials are also provided free of charge. A deposit is required at the beginning of the course, which will be fully refunded upon the completion of the program. In the situation when a student drops out of the teacher training, he/she will lose the full deposit.

Qualification for Being Admitted in the Teacher Training Program

The admittance into the teacher training program is based on internal qualification procedures. You need to attend the courses for at least 3 years before being allowed to apply for the teacher training program. Talk to your local Yoga/Tantra instructor for guidance in applying for this program.

Location and Duration

As I am the coordinator of our yoga school in US and of the American Teacher Training Program, the course is organized in Las Vegas. All participants from all other similar courses in US will have to come to Las Vegas for this special training.

The teacher training is 2 years long, and the meetings are every 2 months and cover a full weekend.


In order to graduate, the participants need to pass two tests (one after 1 year in the program and one at the end). These tests include both theory and practical elements. An individual project is also part of the final test. Also the participants need to still be attending the regular Yoga/Tantra classes. The teacher training is not a replacement for the main courses.