Yoga is not Stretching

Yoga is Not Stretching

Yoga can be defined in modern terms as being the most encompassing system of self improvement. This system aims not just at obtaining a healthy and ideal body, or a strong and positive mind. Yoga teaches us how to control and elevate our emotions and reactions to life’s events. We gradually learn to amplify all that is good in us, and transform that which is limited or painful. The ultimate goal is to become aware of our unlimited potential and true divine identity.

The Benefits of the Yoga Course I Teach

This course will help you achieve your highest potential in every area of life through simple and effective yoga techniques, meditation and an integrative approach to health.
Among the effects of this training I can mention:

  • Radiant health and significant stress reduction
  • Mental focus and serenity
  • Vitality and happiness
  • Creativity, will-power and self confidence
  • Openness to love and increased charisma

The course involves a synthesis of various spiritual traditions. Ancient yogic techniques are adjusted to fit the modern lifestyle.

Course Content and Structure

The teachings are gradual, each lesson building upon the previous ones. The courses introduce you to:

  • Yogic physical poses used as methods for  strengthening the body, controlling the mind and elevating emotions
  • Relaxation and breathing techniques for increased energy
  • Detox methods for deep healing and rejuvenation
  • Exercises for increasing mental focus and strength, intelligence and memory
  • Meditation techniques for increasing awareness of universal realities.

Extensive hand-outs are provided for each class; therefore you can also practice the techniques at home and thus obtain very quick results.
The course is structured on years of study, featuring the most extensive yoga curriculum on the planet nowadays. This curriculum has been put together by MISA, our parent yoga school from Romania. You can attend the courses for as long as you feel necessary.

I personally am still a student of this school, as each class that my teacher Grieg creates brings more amazing information and opportunities for improvement. I see it as a life-time fascinating journey that fills my life with strength, clarity and wonder.

My Ideal Yoga Students

I am usually getting three types of people in my yoga classes:

  1. Those who just want to stretch, relax or stay in shape.
  2. Those who want to get “enlightened” and become respected masters in a few weeks.
  3. Those who are truly looking for a valid solution to life’s important questions and challenges, something that is personal, practical and aside from any dogma.

People in the first two categories tend to come and go pretty quickly. They are not my ideal students and I am obviously far from being their ideal guide. I am writing this in a sincere desire to save their time and mine.

The third category of people can benefit tremendously from my teachings. They don’t necessary need to be flexible or in good shape or have mystical inclinations. If they have an open mind, a curious spirit and a desire to improve on multiple levels, they will thrive at my courses. These are people who are not afraid to get involved in society, business, or family life. Who are used to work hard for fulfilling their dreams and do not buy easily into any dogma. I am welcoming them with all my heart and I can only hope that I can support them in their quest.

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